Ian Umstead- I would not be where I am today without Christian. He has done so much for me, on and off the bike. I cant thank him enough. Every day I spend with the Williams family, I feel like I have never left home. Christian and Chloe do such a great job making everybody feel welcome. Whether you've been around for four years or its your first day, The Williams will make you feel like family. Chloe is one of the best cooks I know. Every evening we have some sort of wonderful dinner on the table ready for us. Christian takes normal coaching to another level, with his very specific and scientific methods to make us better riders. I can definitely say IT WORKS. All you have to do is what he says and you will get better ! Thank you Christian and Chloe, y'all are awesome !

Sam Lear- Williams Racing Academy is easily the best place to go if you want to become a better cyclist. Christian is definitely the best coach I've ever worked with. He is very scientific when it comes to training which I like a lot. 

Improvement is 60% training, 30% diet, and 10% attitude.  Christian is in charge of the training, but Chloe deals with the other 40%. Every night she cooks some of the healthiest and best tasting meals.  I can honestly say I've never had a bad meal at the academy.  Chloe and Christian also make everyone here feel like family, which helps keep me motivated.

The camps that Williams Racing Academy offers are a chance to do some big miles with great people.  There's always someone to talk to and joke with, which makes a 5 hour ride seem much shorter.  Whether we're riding 90 miles in less than ideal weather or 50 miles in sunshine, everyone is excited to be there and riding.

Evan East- Coaching with you has been such an amazing experience. I have learned so much just getting to hang around you, or Noah for that matter, and I really do believe that you have one of the coolest programs that I've ever seen or know of.

Danielle Mullis- I would like to thank you so much for all of your hard work - I never would have been able to perform on the level I did without your tremendous help!! I'm very proud to say that you coached me this year, and realize that you have not only increased my endurance and stamina significantly (I am now starting to race and be competitive in the men's local cat 3 races, and also shaving my 20k time at nationals down by several minutes!), but have also increased by strength and power (getting PRs in the 500 and 200 at worlds).

You never created any stress for me!

Matt Johnson(President of Slipstream Sports/Garmin-Sharp)- Christian, A sincere thank-you from all of us for the effort, dedication and passion you have put into the program.  Some day in the not so distant future I'm confident you will be seeing some great champions that you have built up slug it out in the big leagues.  We appreciate everything you have done and commend your decision to end it on a high note!  Best, Matt

Lance Mooney- I have learned a lot this past few weeks and I thank you for having me on this trip. I loved Belgium and would love to go back someday. This trip was a great experience on and off the bike. I really appreciate everything you and Chloé did for me.  Thanks, Lance

Jerry Truppelli (Phillip Truppelli)- Picked up Phillip at the airport yesterday and my wife and I want to give a big thanks to you and Chloé for providing Phillip a fantastic first Belgium trip. Phillip had a great time racing and going on the field trips you planned throughout the four weeks.

Phillip Truppelli- Thank you so much for holding the August euro camp this year. It was so fun and I definitely improved as a rider…Thank you for everything. I really do appreciate your dedication to your riders and to me, Phillip

Steve Mathews (Christian Mathews)- Chloé and yourself are like family to him so we are grateful for that especially.

Jeff Silverberg (Jake Silverberg)- Hey Christian.  …I just want to drop a note letting you know both Jake and I are very appreciative of your part in his development.  You and a small handful of others have really helped make him what he is.  So thank you and good luck with the Williams Race Team.  Please give our best to Chloé and the family, hope you are all well.  -Jeff Silverberg

Emily Silverman (Zeke Mostov)- Dear Christian and Chloé, Thank you so much for everything you do for these young men. It is an honor to have Zeke stay at the academy and race on such an amazing team that the two of you have built.  Looking forward to seeing you all at Nationals.  With affection and Love,  Emily

Adele Gordon (RJ Reisin)- Thank you so much for taking great care of my grandson RJ. As his "Nan" my heart is aching for him. I know he's doing okay, but-----if needed I live in San Diego County, Ca. and can be there without a problem. Again, thanks for being so thoughtful and kind. You sound like wonderful, caring people. Adele Gordon

Andrea and Ray Reisin (RJ Reisen)- Just wanted to THANK YOU SO MUCH for having RJ back at the Academy and inviting him into your family (especially this Easter holiday!) It means so much to us to know not only has he gained a extended family but you accepted him as one to join you this holiday.  I was shocked to see how much he has grown and different he was after being in Texas (in a great way!) He even eats tomatoes now which he never has!! He seemed so disciplined and focused on what he needs to do at home and with cycling. The choice is his. I can only provide him the road to walk down but he must take the steps and walk down himself. It  seems he is running down that road. You have both guided him and given his this great opportunity with opening your home, your hearts, and of course cycling adventure!  Thank you so much! As much as I miss him terribly today and every day, I know he is being well taken care of and watched out for.  Have a great Easter and enjoy!  Regards, Andrea and Ray Reisen

Trisha and Greg Spende (Sam Spende)-  Glad he is handling things well, he must know that in the end he will be stronger and faster which what he wants. Thanks for touching base - we really appreciate all that you are doing for him!  Trisha &

Tom Vandenberg (Hans Vandenberg)- Hans was never really old enough to go on the team trips, Gila, Nationals, etc. but we always knew what you guys were doing and the cost associated with those trips. Heart in the right place. Just wanted to say much respect to you guys for what you were or are still doing.

Lance Gay-  I have enjoyed training with you over the last several months. I have improved greatly with your guidance…If you ever need recommendations for your coaching services please use me as a reference. I will gladly talk to anyone about how great of a coach you are and the tremendous service you provide.

Hunter East (Evan East)-  P.S. He represented your team in a manner that would have made you very proud this weekend. I can't tell you how many compliments I received on Evan from all the riders and officials, not only how strong he rode, but how "professionally" he handles himself. You are largely responsible for both qualities. Thank you again for all you do. Dustin and I both really appreciate your guidance and support, and the positive influence you have had on our son.

Jerry Truppelli (Phillip Truppelli)-  Hi Christian ...Just wanted to let you know Phillip is made HUGE improvement over last season and is very happy riding for you.  A big thank you!

Steve and Bonnie Mathews (Christian Mathews)- We have complete trust in all you do. Thank you, S&B

David Wenger-  These guys, and Noah, are doing great. I was very impressed by your riders at Pace Bend, for willingness to think while racing, as well as brute strength. You've got a great crew of athletes, and young men, coming through your program. Great work

Payson McElveen-  Awesome insights as always. I really appreciate the points at the end to remember regarding the psychological side too. These next two races in California already have 15 of the best European guys in the world registered, which I think will actually take some pressure off. It’ll be more of an “opportunity” instead of “obligation” to do well.

Alex Bumpers-   One of the biggest things I’ve noticed as I come out from the off season is I’m feeling a lot stronger on punchy, uphill, out of the saddle efforts. I’ve been noticing this a lot lately; most of my training routes around here are filled with rollers that you can power through.

John Myhre- I know you can get me there. It's up to me to do my part. Gotta remember your advice... RIDE, especially when I think I can't. Thanks Christian, you've been my pillar in more than one way.  JOHN

Andrea and Ray Reisin- Just wanted to take a moment to thank you both for welcoming RJ into your family. He had a amazing time and enjoyed everything it had to offer. He told me he cant wait for next year and also what the future has to offer him. Though I have not seen him yet, he told me he can not wait to return to WRA! Thanks again for providing all that you have for him and the utmost kindness for our son. You are VERY special people and go above and beyond to make a kid (young man), cyclist, feel like he is part.

THANK YOU!  Happy Holidays!  Andrea & Ray Reisen

Hunter East (Evan East)- … he is fortunate to have someone like you in his corner.

Jeff Silverberg (Jake Silverberg)- I wanted to more formerly however, thank You, Chloé, Jeff and the entire team.  I think Jake came a long way under your guidance and got to participate in some fantastic events at a very high level.  You and your family has been nothing but pleasant and respectful from the first time we met, and we very much appreciate the hospitality you shared with My family when we attend Nationals.  I wish You and the family much luck, and success with the academy. I am positive we will see you here and there at some races from time to time, and I look forward to catching up.  Again, all the best and thanks for all you have done.  Jeff Silverberg

Steve Mathews (Christian Mathews)- Hello Mr. Williams, I sincerely want to thank you and Chloé for your hospitality you have a great family. I wished I had made arrangements to stay the rest of day. The place is awesome, relaxed and perfect for your program. I know Christian is excited and motivated. Please let me know how we may make payment and don't hesitate to call if we can do anything to help.  Thank you again.  Best regards, Steve Mathews.

Jill Fenwick (Ryan Fenwick)-  Ian and I just wanted to thank you both for making him feel so welcome. It is obvious he has had an excellent time as he chatted non stop from the airport until arriving home ( nearly 4 hours later!)

Payson McElveen-  Thanks for the explanation. I always appreciate you taking the time to break it down for me.

Alan & Lisa Brookshire (Grayson, Colton & Isabella Brookshire)-  What you, Jeff, and Chloé have done/will do……..offers junior cyclists an opportunity that they simply can not find elsewhere.  Even the National devo program is exposed when compared to the breadth and depth of the WRA project.  We are excited about our future with you and look forward to an amazing 2014!  -The Brookshires

Michael Young-  Thank you for the motivation to get me to pin on a number.  We are getting there.  The spring will be fun!  Best, Michael

Lance Gay- Thank you again for all of your help, I look forward to working with you on some of my other bucket list things I have in mind. -Lance

Jake Silverberg- Hey was a great trip. Very great group. Felt super relaxed and had a lot of fun. I'm settled back from the summer. I race Sunday & Monday this week. Im already thinking about next year and the success there will be. Thank you so much again for everything over the trip, it was the best yet.  -Jake

Clayton McGrath-  Yeah it was quite the trip and year. Just had to end it with a bang!! Lol. I learned a lot about life this year. I got to experience a bunch of different  stresses. Goals were achieved, knew experiences were lived. And new races were raced. Hope next year is just as exciting. Going to get through the move and get healed up and go from there. But for right now I'm healing really fast. can tell a big difference, just one week in. Tell Noah an Jonah hi. And hope the racing's going great!  Thanks for the awesome trip! -Clayton

Rob Gray (Dylan Gray)-  Christian, What a great job you did with Dylan, he was so excited and had and still has a lot of stories to tell us.  He had a blast and can't wait to go back next year.  Thanks for all your hard work, Robert was saying that it was the best trip he has ever been on and all the guys were fun to be around and everyone got on.  Looks like you have a good bunch of guys.  As for Dylan haircut and some of his purchases.. I see Noah, Jonah and Jake left their mark on him :-) he looks and acts a lot older than he was when he left.  Big Thanks to you and Chloé for doing what you do best...  Looking forward to catching up with y'all when you get back.  -Rob

John Myhre- But you did pull a rabbit out of your hat.  A 10% gain feels like 40% and your 4 weeks was the difference between hanging in with the team or looking like the "race idiot", in which case I'd broadcast on Facebook how it was all Christian's fault... LOL!

Craig Jones- 


Seven months ago, I was in the best shape of my life and getting results I had always dreamed of as a result of working with you. 

Then an unfortunate hot and wide turn in the last lap of a crit ---- a bit of curb and a 30 mph collision with a port-a-potty plus clavicle in four pieces plus four broken ribs plus collapsed lung complete with chest tube  plus plate installation surgery later that same week took me off the bike.....

As I recovered, I knew that I wanted to return to racing, but also knew that I had a monkey on my back that one day I would have to deal with.    Yesterdays season opener at the track was that one day.   And I was nervous as hell running into the races.

Once we started rolling, and the attacks started, I was back in the mix

The path back started with the goal setting we did while was still recovery --- then my first efforts on the bike last October.   Remember, "work up to 20 minutes of tempo" and then we can get more structure"   then moving on two "Gobs of tempo and TH-A"   All through the winter and spring, you guided me through efforts that rebuilt my fitness and have the nerve to pin a number back on and get back in a race.

As the night progressed through the six races ( Two Scratch, Two Miss and Out and Two Points) I noticed that I was getting better....the sprinters were fading, even the strong endurance guys were scratching out of races -- but I was feeling just fine physically, recovering well and able to repeat.  

But something else happened, I stopped being nervous and just relaxed and enjoyed working tactics......

This is more significant than just getting back into a race.  Yes it does also happen to include racing (being off the front with Rob and Andy + having the base fitness to actually work tactics in a CAT 123 race that last year at this time I was struggling to hang on to in the back...)   

But it is spilling over into my professional life (up for a promotion)  and my personal life (strong relationships with Molly and my girls) and with my relationship with teammates (being able to work with them in a race) -- this is ways far more meaningful than the a result posted at the Alkek Velodrome.   Its about driving to success, strong relationships with family and friends.

I know you are going to say "yes but you did all the work" and that is true, but I was always remember that you were the one who helped me put the pieces back together physically and mentally and for that I am thankful.

Now with a solid foundation built, I want to really ramp this season up.  I have 29 more race days --- lets go!

All the best,


Mark Purnell- Riding is going awesome!  Your plan is perfect and I’m on it like glue!  Thank you soooo much!  Thank you!  --Mark Purnell

JM- You got me where I'm at. And I think I'm ahead of the learning curve we set. Thanks Christian for great Coaching, I'll be ready as I can be for the States.  -JM

Kevin Schilling (Jonathon Schilling)-  Jonathon has attended at least 8 camps ranging from team camps to regional development camps to national talent ID camps to a camp in Belgium.  He rated his experience with you as a solid A rating.  --Kevin S (father)

Scott Smith (Grahmm Smith)-  G’s head seems to be more in the right place than I have ever seen it.  You're doing a great job.  --Scott S (father)

Lura Popovich (Erin Popovich)-  Just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done for E.    It looks like we have finally turned that corner.  I am grateful to you especially because you got the ball rolling and tried everything you could think of to get her out of her funk.  --LP

Alan Brookshire (Grayson, Colton, & Isabella Brookshire)-  As we discussed, the program that Christian has developed is unmatched here in the US in terms of developing young riders and preparing them for the next level of their cycling career.  No other junior program can send juniors to Europe 2x per year and still have time to claim multiple national jerseys here at home.  -Alan Brookshire