C.F.O. & 7 Other Hats

I grew up between Texas and Italy, and have always loved having a large family on both sides of the pond.  My passion for cooking came at 4 years old when my Italian grandparents would come to visit for months on end.  Nonna Maria taught me the heart of the family is in the kitchen, and just about any ailment can be cured with a good meal and a caring heart.  We would travel back and forth quite often, but my dad also insisted we see other parts of Europe, Mexico(it was in my back yard after all) and South America.  He was big on reading, but bigger on adventure.  So, a traveling we would go every summer.  As the world became smaller, I  began to see more and more possibilities  - realizing there really wasn't much that was impossible if you live to your fullest potential.

After studious straight A high school career, I was burned out on books and needed some hands-on learning.  Once I received my Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management degrees I moved to Italy to apprentice and reconnect with family.  It was a fabulous year!   When I returned I took Austin by storm managing high end restaurants and finishing up my career as executive chef.

The next ten years I worked in corporate sales at Dell and a few other F500 companies.  Once Cri and I got married and decided to expand our family, I quit and we started up The Racing Post - a Texas based cycling magazine.  During this time I also got hooked on Zumba, became an instructor, and have been doing it ever since.   After a few very successful years we sold the magazine and moved on to new adventures, and moved to Wimberley, Texas.  Once we found the perfect location and settled in, we opened up the Academy and have been growing ever since.  

Running the Academy and helping with the development team is something I love - it is truly an extension of family.   There is nothing greater than watching someone develop to their full potential and become better world citizens.   Being able to be a part of that is a real blessing for me.

We are in Europe 10+ weeks out of the year, and having our kids grow up in difference cultures and strengthen their roots will shape them in understanding how small the world really is.  And the smaller the world seems, the more possibilities you see.  Helping my kids - be they blood or Academy - develop to their full potential is my passion.  There is no other work I could see myself enjoying more so than this.


Chloé Glasscock Williams

Getting dinner ready for the boys in Belgium .

Getting dinner ready for the boys in Belgium.

Zumba Convention in Miami!

Zumba Convention in Miami!